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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Team LATICRETE is deeply appreciative of the continued support of our distribution partners and our many loyal end-users of all types. Your diligence in working to adapt to the many challenges arising from this pandemic crisis has been inspiring. We are more deeply committed than ever to helping you succeed. 

At LATICRETE North America we have been blessed to have remained fully staffed, fully operational and fully functioning throughout this challenging time. Despite severe limitations on physical presence, our teams have innovated exciting and effective methods to continue to service, engage with and educate our clients.  

As springtime progresses, the US and Canada are at last beginning to "re-open" after unprecedented measures of voluntary self-isolation. It is encouraging to see the "end of the beginning" and finally some light at the end of this dark tunnel.  

LATICRETE North America operates facilities in eight US states, and maintains physical sales presence in every state and province on the continent. We are now and will remain fully accessible and available to support your business – by text, phone or video chat, and soon in person when necessary and appropriate.  

Each state and province individually will define the rules for re-opening within their jurisdictions; in fact some are already re-opening. Others will re-open in the near future. Each will have a unique set of circumstances and differing requirements.  

In this next phase it is vitally important that each individual recognizes their societal and ethical responsibilities to interact with others in a diligent manner supportive of ongoing efforts to prevent or minimize the recurrence of this pernicious disease. Avoiding another round of self-isolation must be a first priority for all of us. As we resume contact with the outside world, LATICRETE employees and representatives will do all that we can to confirm and comply with all local requirements. If we err, we will err on the side of caution and safety. 

Finally, as construction activity once again accelerates, we expect demand in the short term to surge well above usual levels. Our normal lead time commitments may be unfulfilled during this transition. Availability of transport services also may become an issue. To encourage optimal planning, we are now accepting future-dated purchase orders for major projects and inventory replenishment. We ask you to work now with your local LATICRETE Sales and Customer Service representatives to plan orders and deliveries for maximum certainty of availability. 

If there is anything that we can do for you, please reach out at any time to any LATICRETE team member. Once again, thank you for your business and for your support during these difficult times.

- Ed Metcalf, President & COO LATICRETE North America


Your Local Rep - please reach out to them for any support you need. 

Technical Service Department - available as always through online chat, email and phone.

Customer Service - call us at 1.800.243.4788 x1219

Free Online Training & Education - we have a variety of resources including LATICRETE University, YouTube videos, Webinars, AIA courses, Virtual meetings and Social Media. Click here to learn more. 

Tile Industry COVID-19 Response - Impact Facebook Group - up to date status of tile-related business operations and impact. Click here to join. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


The eventual severity of the impact within North America of the COVID-19 virus depends on the effective and timely preventative actions of individuals, families, companies and government agencies. We are all in this together and must all act accordingly. As details and information are changing rapidly on this global crisis, we will be updating this page regularly with information regarding the operations of our business.  

At LATICRETE we have already taken action to mitigate immediate risks and have in place contingency plans covering a wide range of potential scenarios. As the situation with the virus is fluid, our plans are updated regularly as more information becomes available.

  • Our 8 production facilities throughout the U.S. are operational. Our systems have been built around redundancy of capabilities and continuity of supply and our plants are prepared to support each other in the event that one (or more) must be closed for a time. 
  • LATICRETE employees are here to serve you. While we have minimized or discontinued all travel (based on state mandates), and are being selective about where we physically appear, we are working remotely to serve our customers through digital communications such as phone, video conferences and online resources

Our commitment to serve your needs remains a top priority, and we will continue to do so however we can. We're here to continue serving you as we all work through this difficult situation.  

Message from CEO/Chairman David Rothberg