EMERYTOP 400 is an abrasion resistant, heavy duty floor topping — the best choice for any floor subject to high point loads, high impacting loads and high abrasion. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Increases concrete wear resistance up to eight times
  • Easy application and flowable consistency
  • Significant cost savings over iron toppings
  • Resists severe single point impacts
  • High density-resists industrial contaminants
  • Rust-free service - interior or exterior applications
  • Fast turnaround for weekend shut downs
L&M Construction

Product Information

EMERYTOP 400 is a flowable, natural emery aggregate floor topping that produces a long-lasting and resilient floor. It provides an economical, abrasion-resistant solution to very severe and abusive concrete floor conditions where other solutions have failed. EMERYTOP 400 was developed for the solid waste industry's transfer station tipping floors — and are the toughest floors in the world! 

The major difference between EMERYTOP 400 and other toppings is how it is chemically engineered to resist chemical attack. 

EMERYTOP 400 chemically reinforces the cement paste against chemical attack, which doubles the abrasion resistance when compared to other emery toppings and iron toppings. This synergy between the emery aggregate and the chemically resistant cement paste that gives EMERYTOP 400 its very high abrasion resistance. 

Read what installers have to say in these project spotlights: McKay Bay Waste-to-Energy Complex and Transfer Station, Dade County-Central Transfer Station, Clearwater Waste Transfer Station, St. Cloud Waster Transfer Station and Suwannee County Transfer Station


  • Product #: 9-37-702-1279
  • Packaging Sizes:
    • 55 lb (25 kg) bag
    • 3000 lb (1361 KG) Supersack
  • Part of System: L&M™
United States

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