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We know that traveling and leaving your business behind to attend training is not always possible, so we make it easy with our free online training. Our LATICRETE UNIVERSITY e-learning program makes it possible for anyone within the industry to train on industry standards and Profit Through Knowledge (PTK) Technical Seminars from the comfort of your home or office 24/7. Now anyone in your company can receive the quality information that was only once possible during live trainings without leaving your job for an extended period of time.

LATICRETE UNIVERSITY presents vital industry and product information in short, easy online tutorials that can be taken at any time online, 24/7. You can learn about new products and industry standards right away without the delay of waiting for a scheduled event or for a representative to visit your location.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for free
  • Watch short video tutorials on a variety of different topics
  • Take a short test that will measure your knowledge and retention
  • Upon the successful completion of a segment, you print a certificate or have it emailed to you for your employee training records.

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LATICRETE 101 Series  - This series is aimed for tile and stone professionals who have recently joined the industry and may find themselves overwhelmed with the vast array of materials and installation methods. They'll obtain basic industry knowledge in short, easy, online tutorials.

  1. Tile 101 Basics and the Physical Properties of Tile - Popular tiles used today and general installation methods.
  2. Sealers 101 - Various sealers available and how each perform best to prevent damage.
  3. Self Leveling Underlayment (SLU) Basics - Purpose of self-leveling underlayments, including substrate preparation, priming and pouring.
  4. Surface Preparation Material and Basics - Differences between various surface preparation compounds, skim coats and mortar beds and how best to use.
  5. The Basics of Tile and Stone Substrates - What defines a substrate and standard requirements in a tile and stone installation.
  6. Understanding Movement Joints in Tile Systems 101 - Why movement joints are required and complying with construction standards.
  7. Tile Adhesives 101 - Different categories and best uses of tile and stone adhesives.
  8. Understanding Membranes 101 - Purpose of membranes function and how they are used on a tile and stone installation.
  9. Grout Basics 101 - What is grout and the different types, along with basic installation methods.
  10. Resinous Flooring 101 - Understanding attractive, thin coatings and determining the right solution for your application based on chemical differences.
  11. Understanding Deflection for Tile and Stone - Define what deflection is, how it can be measured and what the industry standards are for deflection under tile and stone.

Surface Preparation

  1. Surface Preparation Materials and Basics 
    Learn the differences between various surface preparation compounds, skim coats and mortar beds and the best way to use them.
  2. Self Leveling Underlayment (SLU) Basics Surface Preparation Materials and Basics 
    You'll learn the purpose of self-leveling underlayments including substrate preparation, priming and pouring.
  3. 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed 
    This tutorial will cover the use of the 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed.
  4. NXT™ Level and NXT™ Level Plus
    This tutorial will discuss the benefits mixing and installation of NXT Level and NXT Level Plus floor underlayment.
  5. NXT™ Patch and NXT™ Skim
    This tutorial will discuss the features mixing and installation of our underlayment patch and skim coat perfect for concrete repair.
  6. NXT™ Primer
    This tutorial will provide the features, benefits and installation methods for NXT self leveling primer.
  7. NXT™ Vapor Reduction Coating
    This tutorial will outline the installation, uses and benefits of this 2-part epoxy coating designed to control moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs.
    PRIME-N-BOND is a versatile, ready-to-use, single coat, low VOC primer. In this tutorial you will learn, the uses of PRIME-N-BOND, the benefits of using a bonding primer, the approved substrates (including non-absorptive substrates) and installation methods.
    In this tutorial, you’ll learn about our recently launched product, VAPOR BAN Primer ER, an all-in-one moisture vapor barrier and primer that can be applied in one step. This single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating is specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs.
  10. Quick Cure Mortar Bed
    Quick Cure Mortar Bed is the fastest setting mortar in the industry! This rapid-set mortar mix allows for foot traffic in as soon as 1 hour for tile and shower system installs. In this training, you will learn about the benefits of using it, installation methods, and warranty information.
  11. *NEW* NXT® Level Plus
    This tutorial will discuss the benefits mixing and installation of NXT Level Plus, a premium self leveling underlayment used to flatten and level flooring substrates.
  12. *NEW* NXT® Level Flow
    NXT Level Flow is a high flowing self-leveling and flattening underlayment for all types of flooring. This training will outline the benefits and installation of this self leveling underlayment product.

Tile and Stone Installation Systems

  1. Understanding Deflection
    This tutorial will define what deflection is. How it can be measured, and what the industry standards are for deflection under tile and stone.
  2. SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout
    This tutorial will cover the use and installation of SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium epoxy grout.
    This tutorial will show the use and installation of SPECTRALOCK® 2000 I.G. solids epoxy industrial grout.
  4. Re-grouting of Commercial Kitchens
    We will outline the requirements and practices for re-grouting commercial kitchens. Proper re-grout procedures will ensure a longer lasting installation in a harsh chemical environment.
  5. STRATA_MAT™ Uncoupling Membrane
    STRATA_MAT™ is a next generation high performance uncoupling membrane for use under ceramic tile and stone installations, for both residential and commercial applications. This tutorial will outline the features, benefits and installation methods.
  6. Reduced Thickness Porcelain Tiles
    We will provide tile industry professionals with an introduction to the manufacturing and installation of reduced thickness porcelain tiles.
  7. LATASIL™ Sealant
    This tutorial will cover the installation and benefits of LATASIL™ silicone sealant for tile and stone applications.
  8. PERMACOLOR® Grout
    This tutorial will cover the installation and benefits of PERMACOLOR tile grout
  9. PERMACOLOR® Select Grout How to Install Video
    PERMACOLOR® Select is an advanced high-performance cement grout that offers the industry’s first dispensable dry pigment solution. This video will outline the benefits, mixing and installation of PERMACOLOR Select Grout.
  10. PERMACOLOR® Select
    Learn about our advanced high performance cement grout that offers the industry’s first dispersible dry pigment solution in both stocked and custom colors. In this tutorial you will review the benefits of PERMACOLOR® Select as well as proper mixing instructions.
  11. PERMACOLOR® Select NS
    In this tutorial you’ll learn about this ultra premium, factory prepared, polymer fortified unsanded portland cement base grout designed for highly-delicate surfaces, such as high polish marble and soft glass. You’ll learn the benefits of our non-sanded grout and how to mix it.
  12. Installing Tile and Stone Products Over Gypsum Underlayments
    Installing over gypsum-based underlayments can be a challenge for tile adhesive and waterproofing membrane materials. This tutorial will instruct you on two LATICRETE® methods for tile installation and stone installation over gypsum underlayments.
  13. Designing Installation Systems for Gauged Porcelain Tile and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels / Slabs
    This educational seminar will provide tile industry professionals with an introduction to the manufacture and installation of Gauged Porcelain Tile and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels / Slabs.
  14. FRACTURE BAN™ Antifracture Membrane
    FRACTURE BAN is a high performance, pliable, light weight peel and stick antifracture and soundproofing membrane designed for use under thin-bed adhesives for ceramic tile, stone and other hard surface installations. This training will outline the performance properties of FRACTURE BAN and installation methods.
  15. Large and Heavy Tile Mortar
    With the increase in use of large and heavy tile trending in the tile industry today, mortar specifically is engineered to be used on these large and heavy tiles to accommodate the challenges of installation. In this training you will discover, what is considered a large and heavy tile and which LATICRETE adhesives are available for installations.
  16. HYDRO BAN® Quick Cure Waterproofing Membrane
    HYDRO BAN® Quick Cure is a rapid, thin, liquid applied ready-to-use waterproofing membrane that is ANSI A118.10 compliant. Featuring wet-cure technology, this allows curing even in humid, cold and damp environments. This tutorial will outline the benefits and uses of our new waterproofing membrane
  17. TRI-LITE™ Large and Heavy Tile Mortar
    You’ll learn the features and benefits of TRI-LITE™ adhesive mortar, the best places to use it. We’ll teach you best practices in how to mix and install this tri-purpose mortar and how to utilize it for large and heavy tile, thin-bed and wall installations.
  18. HYDRO BAN® Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane
    In this tutorial you’ll learn about the most versatile, 1-step waterproofing membrane on the market. It’s ideal for use under tile and stone in wet areas including swimming pools, spas and water features!
  19. SPECTRALOCK® 1 Pre-Mixed Grout
    SPECTRALOCK®1 is a patent pending, pre-mixed, stain-proof grout with epoxy performance. It offers superior strength, fast cure time, and the ability to be submerged, all while meeting the standards of ANSI A118.3. This training will demonstrate the uses, benefits and installation of SPECTRALOCK 1 grout. 
  20. LATICETE® SELECT-BOND™ Adhesive System
    Learn about an innovative adhesive system that can be used alone as a versatile, every day thin-bed and Large Heavy Tile adhesive or with LATICRETE® SELECT-BOND™ Kits for additional performance enhancements – Non-Sag Kit, Rapid Kit and High Performance (ANSI A118.15) Kit. The tutorial will share the benefits to both the distributor and contractor of stocking and using this tile adhesive system as well as proper installation methods.
  21. 170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat
    170.5 Sound & Crack Isolation Mat is a high performance anti-fracture / sound and crack isolation membrane designed to reduce the transmission of impact noise. It helps provide soundproofing between floors and crack isolate in tile and stone installations. This training will explain the uses and installation instructions of 170.5 Sound and Crack isolation Mat.
    FRACTURE BAN™ SC is easy and quick to apply liquid rubber polymer for use on any interior, exterior and horizontal tile or stone installation needing anti-fracture protection. You’ll learn about the uses and installation methods in this training tutorial.

STRATA_HEAT™ Radiant Floor Heating System

  1. STRATA_HEAT Overview
    This tutorial will provide you an overview of the STRATA_HEAT radiant floor heating system and all of its components.
  2. STRATA_HEAT Installation Guidelines
    This tutorial will show you the proper installation techniques for the STRATA_HEAT System using both the heated floor mat and the spacing strips.
  3. STRATA_HEAT™ Thermostat Introduction
    This tutorial will outline the features, benefits and installation of STRATA_HEAT digital thermostats.
  4. STRATA_HEAT™ Thermal Pack
    The STRATA_HEAT Thermal pack is a valuable component of the STRATA-HEAT radiant floor heating system. This tutorial will explain what the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive does and how it is used.
  5. STRATA_HEAT Thermostat - Programing a Custom Schedule
    The STRATA_HEAT Thermostat is a digital programmable thermostat that can be customized to turn on and off at the time that is best suited to your schedule. In this tutorial you will learn how to create, adjust and program a custom heating schedule using the STRATA Heat Thermostat.
    This floor heating thermostat is a component of the STRATA_HEAT™ radiant floor heating system.
  6. STRATA_HEAT Thermostat - Setting Up WiFi and Registering
    The STRATA_HEAT Thermostat can be operated, controlled and adjusted by computer, smart phone or smart tablet. In this tutorial you will learn how connect to your WiFi and register this digital programmable thermostat.
  7. STRATA_HEAT™ Wire Installation
    This tutorial will demonstrate an unboxing of the STRATA_HEAT™ Wire and installing the wire into the STRATA_HEAT™ Mat.

HYDRO BAN® Shower Systems

  1. HYDRO BAN® Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
    This tutorial will outline the use of HYDRO BAN liquid applied waterproofing membrane.
  2. HYDRO BAN® Drain Systems
    Discover what styles of shower drains (including: HYDRO BAN Linear Drains, Bonded Flange Drains and Drain Grates) that LATICRETE offers and how to install them.
  3. HYDRO BAN® Pre-Formed Shower Pans
    This training will provide to you: a comparison of installing premade shower pans vs. the traditional mortar bed method. We’ll also discuss what a HYDRO BAN® Pre-Formed Shower Pans are, the available sizes and shower pan installation methods.
  4. HYDRO BAN® Shower System Accessories
    In this tutorial you will discover the full line of accessories such as: HYDRO BAN Preformed Benches, Seats and Niches which can be combined with LATICRETE HYDRO BAN shower systems.
  5. HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane
    HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane is a high performance low-perm shower waterproofing membrane for use in interior, residential and commercial waterproofing applications including steam showers and steam rooms. This tutorial will outline the features and installation methods for HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane as component of our shower waterproofing system.
  6. HYDRO BAN® Board
    HYDRO BAN® Board is a lightweight, easy to handle, and ready to tile wallboard designed to be used in bonded tile or stone installations. It is made with a high-density, extruded polystyrene core and a reinforced waterproof membrane and vapor barrier on both sides. In this training you will learn about the uses and benefits of this wallboard.
  7. How to Cut a HYDRO BAN® Pre-Sloped Shower Pan
    Cutting a HYDRO BAN® Pre Sloped Shower Pan is and easy task when you know how. This video will demonstrate several methods of cutting the shower pan to fit a unique space and trimming the rabbet edge to receive 1/2 inch 12mm wallboard.

STONETECH® Surface Care and Maintenance

  1. STONETECH® KlenzAll™ Cleaner
    STONETECH KlenzAll Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner made to clean the toughest soils on natural stone and tile. This tutorial will explain the benefits and using this cleaner.
  2. STONETECH® Restore Acidic Cleaner
    STONETECH Restore Acidic Cleaner is a heavy duty acidic cleaner that renews the look of tile and grout. This tutorial will outline what is the best use of Restore Acidic cleaner and how to use it.
  3. STONETECH® High Gloss and Semi-Gloss Finishing Sealer
    STONETECH High Gloss and Semi-Gloss Finishing Sealer protects and transforms the surface of stone and masonry substrates to a high or semi shine finish. This tutorial will show the benefits of using STONETECH High Gloss and Semi-Gloss Sealers and how to properly install them.
  4. STONETECH® Enhancer Pro™ Sealer
    STONETECH Enhancer Pro Sealer is a heavy duty sealer that seals and enhances the surface of stone to a deep rich color. This tutorial will outline the benefits and installation of Enhancer Pro Sealer.
  5. STONETECH® Quartz and Tile Maintenance Systems
    Quartz and porcelain materials have increased in popularity in the tile and stone industry due to their high resistance to staining and scratching, easy maintenance and large array of color and design choices. In this presentation you will learn about the properties of quartz products and the benefits of using two LATICRETE® products as a combined system: STONETECH® Quartz & Porcelain Tile Sealer and STONETECH® Quartz & Tile Cleaner.
  6. STONETECH® Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner
    You’ll learn how to use this spray-and wipe, no-rinse, daily cleaner to quickly and safely remove tough dirt, grease, dust and everyday spills on all vinyl and laminate floors and counter tops without dulling the surface. 

SPARTACOTE™ Resinous Flooring Systems

  1. SPARTACOTE™ Pigmented Moisture Vapor Barrier
    The presence of moisture in a substrate can be disastrous on a flooring system. This tutorial will teach you how to correct unwanted moisture emissions and how to use SPARTACOTE™ Pigmented Moisture Vapor Barrier as a base coat for SPARTACOTE resinous flooring.
  2. SPARTACOTE™ Surface Preparation Over Concrete
    This tutorial will define the surface preparation requirements for installing SPARTACOTE™ Systems over concrete.
    The SPARTACOTE™ CHIP System is a decorative high performance floor coating. This tutorial will outline the benefits along with instructions on mixing and installing of the SPARTACOTE CHIP System.
  4. How to Sell SPARTACOTE™
    Understanding the key benefits to the SPARTACOTE™ System will enable you to service your customers better and increase sales. This tutorial will outline how to educate your customers to improve overall sales.
    SPARTACOTE™ FLEX™ SB METALLIC polyaspartic coatings create remarkable customized decorative flooring finishes with extraordinary color, variety and depth. In this tutorial you will discover the components of the METALLIC system as well as instructions on mixing and installation.
    SPARTACOTE™ Blended Quartz aggregates allow for the creation of seamless resinous quartz concrete floor coating systems that is safe, ergonomic and decorative. This tutorial will provide details on mixing and installing the SPARTACOTE QUARTZ System
    Learn about this low VOC and minimal odor, fast curing, two part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea sealer / finish coating for hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pharmaceutical facilities. This tutorial will outline the benefits and uses of SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS.
  8. SPARTACOTE™ Urethane Cement
    SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement is a seamless flooring system typically installed at 1/8" – 1/4" (3-6 mm) in thickness depending on the application. It consists of a Part A and Part B liquid as well as a part C filler and additional pigment pack. It is intended for heavy duty environments and designed to withstand thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposure. Learn about the features, benefits, installation and estimated coverages in this tutorial.

Masonry Veneer Installation Systems (MVIS™)

  1. Introduction to Air and Water Barriers
    We will examine why air and water barriers are used in facade systems and a comparison of the most popular systems being used today.
  2. MVIS™ Introduction Video
    An introduction to the LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation system or MVIS™. This is meant to be an overview, so all subsequent tutorials will go into additional details about the components of the MVIS system.
  3. MVIS™ Substrate Preparation
    The proper substrate requirements for veneer tile and stone using MVIS™ will be outlined.
  4. MVIS™ Adhesives
    This tutorial will outline all stone and tile adhesives that can be used within the MVIS™ system.
  5. MVIS™ Pointing Mortars
    Completing your installation with high performance grouts and pointing mortars is vital on building veneers. This tutorial will explain the uses and installation of MVIS™ pointing mortars.
  6. MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier
    LATICRETE membrane systems have lead the industry in performance for more than 40 years. The code requirements for air and water barriers make them a standard in construction. This tutorial will outline how to install and use the MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier product.
  7. MVIS™ Accessories
    The strongest epoxy available for tile and stone is reviewed in this tutorial. We’ll cover: how and when to use LATAPOXY® 310 Stone Adhesive along with the most used movement joint sealant, LATASIL™.
  8. MVIS™ Lite Wall Float
    MVIS™ Lite Wall Float is a super lightweight mortar developed with the installer in mind. It’s half the weight of traditional Type S mortars. It is easy to float to repair walls and can be installed in thicknesses up to ¾" (19mm) in a single lift. In this training you will learn, the benefits of it and how to mix and install it. 


  1. SUPERCAP® Ready-Mix Delivery Service℠ Program Overview
    Self leveling products can be delivered directly to the job site with our patented pump truck technology and innovative products mixed for your installation. In this tutorial we’ll give you an overview of what the SUPERCAP ready-mix program is and how to get it on your next job.
  2. Self Leveling Underlayment Basics 101
    This training will discuss self leveling underlayment basics including: substrate preparation, priming and pouring of SLUs.
  3. The Preparation and Installation of LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® SC500 Ready-Mix
    This presentation will discuss substrate requirements and installation of the SUPERCAP® System of products. This is required training for all SUPERCAP installers and contractors. Retain the certificate as proof of completion.

Industry Training

  1. LATICRETE Compliance to OSHA Standards on Silica
    In this training you will discover what respirable silica is and how LATICRETE® products are in compliance with new OSHA standards.
  2. Social Media - Content is King
    What is posted on your social media profile is vital to your success of your company or brand. This tutorial will outline the proper methods and tips to developing good quality content for your social media accounts.
  3. How to Build Your Company’s Social Media Presence
    Your social media presence can be a valuable resource for industry information and creating business opportunities for your company. This training will demonstrate why social media is vital in today's industries and how to begin building your social media footprint.
  4. LATICRETE Warranties
    LATICRETE provides comprehensive commercial and residential warranty programs. All LATICRETE materials are covered by a limited one-year warranty when properly installed according to our written instructions. By using the combinations of products shown to form a complete single source system, both the term and the scope of the warranty are dramatically increased, including up to a lifetime warranty! This training will explain how LATICRETE warranties are applied to the customer.
  5. What are Environmental Product Declarations
    This tutorial will outline what is an Environmental Products Declarations. What is the function of an EPD, and why they are needed in modern construction.
  6. What are Health Product Declarations
    This tutorial will outline what Health Product Declarations are. The importance of Health Product Declarations. How to read and understand Health Product Declarations and what LATICRETE International Inc. offers for HPDs.
  7. Re-Grouting Swimming Pools and Submerged Installations
    Swimming pools and submerged installations of tile and stone can present challenges. In this training you will learn the proper installation and maintenance of the tile and stone system in a submerged application.
  8. Tiled Steam Room and Steam Shower Technical Design Manual - UPDATE
    LATICRETE has a full library of technical design manuals for all styles of tile and stone installation systems. This training will show you how to access all LATICRETE Technical Design Manuals.  We’ll also review the recent updates to the Tiled Steam Room and Steam Shower Technical Design Manual.
  9. Hot Weather Tile and Grouting
    Hot and cold temperatures can affect the working properties of tile and stone installation materials. This tutorial will outline what affect high temperatures have on the type of products you’re  using and how to do installations in warm climates.
  10. ANSI Letter Designations and Standards
    Learn about the new ANSI letter designations on products and product data sheets that describe the product working properties.
  11. What is Efflorescence
    Efflorescence is common in masonry products. This tutorial will explain what efflorescence is and how to clean and minimize it's occurrence.
  12. Specifications and the Architectural Guidebook
    The Architectural Guidebook, written by LATICRETE, allows customers, architects and end users to build custom specifications using LATICRETE® products and industry standards.
  13. LATICRETE Website Resources 
    In this training you will discover the many resources that are available on the LATICRETE website.
  14. Creating LEED Submittal Packages
    Creating LEED submittal packages can be done in just a few minutes using the LEED Project Certification Assistant. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use this online tool to register your project.
  15. Applying Penetrating Sealers
    Learn from our experts on the proper way to apply penetrations sealers to tile and stone installations.
  16. Installing HYDRO BAN® Board on a Floor
    This tutorial will outline the steps for installing HYDRO BAN® Board on a floor.
  17. Cold Weather Tile Installations
    Temperature changes can affect working properties of almost any type of construction materials. This training will provide temperature limitations and trouble shooting methods for cold weather tile installations.
  18. Grout Colors
    Grout colors can vary from site to site and from sample board to actual installation in color. This training will detail the intricacies of grouts and explain the best methods in determining the finished colors.
  19. Sound Control Ratings Explained
    The use of sound control in construction to reduce noise pollution in buildings in commercial and residential construction is a proven method to provide a more pleasant and comfortable environment to the occupants of the buildings. The use of sound control in flooring systems has grown in use in recent years and is commonly recognized in building code specifications. This training will provide a walkthrough of the different sound control ratings, that measure the effect of the products used in reducing noise pollution in the construction and the flooring industry.

Webinar Series - This series of pre-recorded webinars from LATICRETE industry experts provide in-depth product knowledge on various topics.  

  1. Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS™) Webinar - (60 min) - Keep up with the increasing popularity of adhered masonry veneers with MVIS™ products by LATICRETE. Trust your installation to a complete productivity-boosting system designed to deliver superior, long-term performance on masonry projects of all types including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This webinar conduct by Robert Duke, LATICRETE Associate Director for MVIS, lends his expertise in the products and methods for installing all styles of masonry veneers.
  2. STONETECH® Cleaning Products Webinar - (37 min) - The beauty and life span of a tile and stone installation is dependent upon its maintenance. The quality of cleaning products used for solid surface care and maintenance is a determining factor. This webinar is conducted by National Sales Manager/Director, Marcella Prado and LATICRETE Technical Service Representative, Jennifer Aleman, will review specialized daily and heavy duty cleaning solutions for various tile and stone challenges.
  3. STONETECH® Protect Products Webinar - (42 min) - Tile sealers are designed to protect countertops, floors, backsplashes, vanities and outdoor living areas. In this webinar, solid surface care and maintenance experts, National Sales Manager/Director, Marcella Prado and LATICRETE Technical Service Representative Jennifer Aleman will review a wide range of STONETECH®  tile sealers available and how to use them.
  4. STONETECH® Transform Products Webinar - (56 min) - When you want to change the look of or repair natural stone, masonry, grout etc. you need to choose the correct product for the job. Solid surface care and maintenance experts, National Sales Manager/Director, Marcella Prado and LATICRETE Technical Service Representative, Jennifer Aleman, review STONETECH® products that can help transform your surfaces by darkening, adding shine or repairing scratched or stained surfaces.
  5. Design and Installation Considerations for Tile Applications in Swimming Pools Webinar (64min) - Tile finishes in swimming pools have proven to be the most decorative and functional way of finishing interior pool surfaces. This webinar, conducted by the LATICRETE Technical Services Department, reviews a full and comprehensive proven method for swimming pool installations.


  1. NIVCOMP™ and Elevation Pin Training Guide
    This tutorial shares detailed instructions on how to use the NIVCOMP and Elevation Pin System when using LATICRETE self leveling underlayments. You'll learn: How the NIVCOMP digital level can be used for surveying a floor and how to use the elevation pins to mark heights on the floor.

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