Environmental/Health Product Declarations

Enviornmental-Health Product Declarations

LATICRETE® now offers Product Specific (Type III) Environmental Product Declarations for cement based mortars for tile installation, cement grouts for tile installation and cement self-leveling underlayments to help achieve LEED v4 Credit “Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Environmental Product Declarations”. An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive, globally harmonized, and independently verified report created by a product manufacturer which documents the impacts on the environment throughout its life cycle. Information on the impacts on the environment include raw material acquisition, energy use, energy efficiency, content of materials, chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water, as well waste generation from “cradle-to-grave”. The LATICRETE EPDs are created and verified in accordance with ISO 14025, are based on a life-cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 and use a system boundary of cradle-to-gate (with options). The intent of an EPD is not to show superiority to alternative products, but is intended to simply provide transparent information on the life-cycle impact of the product.

LATICRETE also offers Health Product Declarations v2.1.1 for the majority of our product offerings across all of our product categories to help achieve LEED v4 Credit “Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Material Ingredients”. A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is an open standard, which provides complete, transparent disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern by analyzing and comparing all product raw materials to authoritative chemical hazard lists from around the world. Health Product Declarations are governed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative and are essentially used only in North America.

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