GreenGuard Certified Products

LATICRETE was the first manufacturer of tile and stone installation materials to earn and offer the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) certification. Based on criteria used by the U.S. EPA, OSHA and the USGBC's LEED-CI program, the GREENGUARD certification provides you assurance that the specified LATICRETE® products meet appropriate indoor air quality standards for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde.

Tile & Stone Installation

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Adhesives & Mortars

Epoxy Adhesives LATAPOXY® 300 Adhesive
Epoxy Adhesives LATAPOXY® BIOGREEN™ 300 Adhesive
Polymer-Modified Mortar 253 Gold
Polymer-Modified Mortar 252 Silver
Polymer-Modified Mortar 257 TITANIUM™
Polymer-Modified Mortar Glass Tile Adhesive
Polymer-Modified Mortar SURE SET™
Polymer-Modified Mortar 254 Platinum
Polymer-Modified Mortar 125 TRI MAX®
Large & Heavy Tile Mortar TRI-LITE™
Large & Heavy Tile Mortar 4-XLT
Large & Heavy Tile Mortar LATICRETE® SELECT-BOND™
Large & Heavy Tile Mortar LHT™ PLUS
Large & Heavy Tile Mortar MULTIMAX™ LITE
Unmodified Mortar 317 Mortar
Unmodified Mortar 272 Mortar


Epoxy Grouts SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout*
Epoxy Grouts SPECTRALOCK® 2000 IG
Epoxy Grouts SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout
One-Step-Grouts SPECTRALOCK® 1 Pre-Mixed Grout
Cementitious Grouts PERMACOLOR® Grout
Cementitious Grouts 1600 Unsanded Grout
Cementitious Grouts 1776 Grout Enhancer
Cementitious Grouts PERMACOLOR® Select*
Cementitious Grouts 1500 Sanded Grout

Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds

Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds Quick Cure Mortar Bed
Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed
Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds 226 Thick Bed Mortar
Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds 3701 Mortar Admix
Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds 3701 Lite Mortar
Thick-Bed Mortars & Screeds 3701 Lite Mortar R

Shower Installation Systems

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Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories HYDRO BAN®