Knee Safety

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  • Tasks that involve frequent stooping, kneeling or squatting puts your knees at risk for injury.
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Product Solutions

  • Use lightweight products [do we have a single page to direct them to?]
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Process Solutions

  • Raise the work off the ground
  • Add an extension on your tool so you can work at waist height instead of kneeling
  • During kneeling work, take frequent micro breaks of 10-20 seconds to extend your leg and allow the knee to return to resting position
  • Sustained walking and standing on hard surfaces can transmit shocks through the leg to the knees [so do what?]
  • Select quality footwear and insoles and use anti-fatigue mats to help reduce stress on your knees
  • Stretch and strengthen leg muscles

PPE Solutions

  • Kneepads can distribute weight and pressure away from the knee while kneeling. NIOSH says the “use of kneepads can reduce injuries and increase production."
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