LATAPOXY® Waterproof Flashing Mortar

LATAPOXY Waterproof Flashing Mortar is an epoxy-based membrane.

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Made in the USA

Features & Benefits

  • Fast curing
  • Epoxy based formula
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to apply using a trowel
  • Adheres to metal and PVC pipes, drains and flashing
  • Waterproof seam between flashing and façade

Product Information

LATAPOXY Waterproof Flashing Mortar is an epoxy-based membrane. It can be used to waterproof seams, gaps or joints between a variety of substrates including metal and PVC pipe penetrations or flashing. It is specifically designed to be used under ceramic tile, stone or brick for rapid installations which require a fast curing waterproof flashing mortar or membrane. LATAPOXY Waterproof Flashing Mortar is flexible, easy to apply and will allow for rapid installations.
  • Product #: 0024-0001-2
  • Packaging Sizes:

    3.5 gallon pail with 2 Part A 1.4 lbs (0.6 kg), 2 Part B
    1.2 lbs (0.5 kg), and 2 Part C 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg).
    48 units per pallet.


    LATAPOXY Waterproof Flashing Mortar is white for easy verification of correct application.

  • Part of System: LATAPOXY®
United States

Product Data Sheets


  • DS 025.0 25 Year System Warranty
  • DS 230.05 5 Year System Warranty
  • DS 230.10 10 Year System Warranty
  • DS 230.13 1 Year Product Warranty
  • DS 230.15APD LATICRETE 15 Year Tile & Stone System Warranty
  • DS-230.15SPD LATICRETE 15 Year System Warranty For Steel or Wood Framed Exterior Facades (United States and Canada) MVIS

Installation Information

  • DS-070.5 Instructions (English, Español, Français)

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