Decorative Finishing

LATICRETE® SPARTACOTE® decorative finishing products provide a unique look and / or color to concrete coatings in industrial, commercial or residential applications. A variety of decorative finishing options are available to enhance concrete floors, such as: metallic pigment for intensity and luster, concrete dyes to deeply penetrate the substrate for exceptional color effects, and decorative color chips and quartz aggregates to match any décor and provide a customized look. Also choose from a wide selection of colored concrete dyes that allows color to penetrate any cementitious surface to change the base color of the floor, or use as a touch-up for acid stained concrete.

SPARTACOTE™ METALLIC PIGMENT™ SPARTACOTE™ METALLIC PIGMENT™ use synthetically produced aluminum platelets coated with metal oxides to produce beautiful color intensity and luster.
SPARTACOTE™ VIVID DYE™ SPARTACOTE™ VIVID DYE™ is formulated exclusively for use with SPARTACOTE concrete coatings and sealers.
SPARTACOTE™ Blended Chip SPARTACOTE™ Blended Chip decorative vinyl color chips, flakes or fleck are specially blended paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of SPARTACOTE Blended Chip and SPARTACOTE® Chip™ Pure.
SPARTACOTE Blended Quartz
SPARTACOTE™ Blended Quartz SPARTACOTE™ Blended Quartz, aggregates allow for the creation of seamless resinous quartz concrete floor coating system.