Vapor Reduction

The porous nature of new or existing concrete slabs allows significant flow of moisture vapor—enough to cause disastrous results. Choose DRYTEK® Moisture Vapor Barrier to minimize moisture vapor emission rates through concrete floors, thereby allowing for the safe installation of hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and tile floor coverings.

DRYTEK® Moisture Vapor Barrier offers floor owners:

  • Excellent protection against moisture in concrete slabs
  • Pigmented colors to be used with fast curing SPARTACOTE top coats.
  • Easy application
  • 3 year decorative surface system warranty

To watch applicators apply pigmented epoxy DRYTEK® Moisture Vapor Barrier, click the video below:

DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier
DRYTEK® Moisture Vapor Barrier
DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs.