Installation Accessories

For looks or accessibility, the HYDRO BAN shower system products are part of a complete offering. Providing quick and easy to install drains, pans, seats, benches and niches; and including the trusted waterproofing performance of liquid applied and sheet membranes, sealants and lightweight ready to tile wall board. Complemented with a variety of adhesives, grouts and sealant caulk options, LATICRETE shower systems provide everything you’ll need for a flawless shower installation, backed by the industry’s best warranty.

HYDRO BAN® Hydro Ban® is a liquid applied, thin waterproofing anti-fracture membrane that combines optimum performance and unmatched productivity.
HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane
HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane is a high performance low-perm waterproofing sheet membrane for use in interior, residential and commercial waterproofing applications including steam showers and steam rooms.
HYDRO BAN® Board HYDRO BAN® Board is a lightweight easy to handle and ready to tile wall board designed to be used in bonded tile or stone installations. It is made with a high-density, waterproof extruded polystyrene core and a reinforced, waterproof membrane on both sides to give triple protection from water and vapor intrusion.
HYDRO BAN® Adhesive & Sealant
HYDRO BAN® Adhesive & Sealant HYDRO BAN Adhesive & Sealant is a one component, fast curing, hybrid elastomeric adhesive and sealant.