NXT™ Level Plus NXT™ Level Plus is a high quality, cement-based, free-flowing underlayment for use in leveling interior substrates.
NXT™ Level NXT™ Level is a cement-based underlayment for use in leveling interior substrates. NXT Level produces a flat, smooth and hard surface for the installation of finished flooring.
NXT™ Primer
NXT™ Primer NXT Primer is a concentrated premium quality, water-based primer designed to be applied prior to the installation of NXT Underlayments.
NXT™ Skim
NXT™ Skim New and Improved: NXT SKIM coat is a premium quality, fast-drying, cement-based underlayment. The improved formula boasts an enhanced pot life and creamier consistency, as well as the industry’s first resealable packaging for a skim coat product.
NXT™ Embossing Admix
NXT™ Embossing Admix NXT EMBOSSING ADMIX is specially formulated latex admix designed for use as an admixture with NXT SKIM for embossing applications over non-cushion back vinyl and VCT flooring.
NXT™ Patch
NXT™ Patch NXT PATCH is a premium quality, fast-drying underlayment patch designed for use over most substrates.
NXT™ Vapor Reduction Coating
NXT™ Vapor Reduction Coating NXT Vapor Reduction Coating is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs prior to installing NXT underlayments.