Resinous and Decorative Finishes

SPARTACOTE Surface Build Quartz

SPARTACOTE™ Surface Build Clear

SPARTACOTE Surface Build Clear (formerly SPARTACOTE Surface Build Quartz) is a high performance clear multi-purpose epoxy coating.

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SPARTACOTE™ resinous flooring and decorative finishes by LATICRETE® offer unparalleled colors, textures, and finishes. These high performance coatings give you exceptionally attractive, durable and decorative floors. SPARTACOTE decorative finishes allow you to deliver vivid colors and gloss with high impact and wear resistance, quick turnaround, and low maintenance. Choose from products such as polyaspartic coatings, epoxy coatings, customizable decorative finishes, traction additives and vapor reduction for your industrial, commercial or residential flooring applications.

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Resinous Flooring For Vertical Markets

Certain markets have demanding flooring requirements. For example, food and beverage manufacturing plants require high uptime for their production environments. They cannot afford facility downtime as being down and out of service means lost revenue. When seeking a flooring solution, they need fast return to service for their production areas.

SPARTACOTE Resinous flooring systems are widely applicable in many markets with demanding work spaces. This customizable resinous flooring systems offer fast return to service, safe, nonslip textures, and excellent chemical and stain resistance.

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Texas Motor Speedway

This is a first, matching the high performance of racing with LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® and SPARTACOTE® earning the accolade “Official Garage Flooring System of Texas Motor Speedway”.

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