SPARTACOTE™ Urethane Cement

SPARTACOTE™ Urethane Cement ATS is a 4-part system consisting of a part A and part B liquid, part C filler and pigment pack.

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SPARTACOTE™ Urethane Cement ATS is a seamless flooring system typically installed at 1/8” – 1/4" (3-6 mm) in thickness depending on the application. It consists of a Part A and Part B liquid as well as a part C filler and additional pigment pack. The system is intended for heavy duty environments and designed to withstand thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposure.

  • Packaging Sizes:

    Urethane Cement Part A 1-Gal/3.8L: 9250-0001-1
    Urethane Cement Part B 1-Gal / 3.8L: 9252-0001-1
    Urethane Cement Part C Filler 56 lb. / 25.40 kg: 9254-0001-1
    Urethane Cement Pigment 1 lb. /0.45 kg: SKU based on Color

  • Available Colors: Green, Medium Grey, Red, Tan
  • Part of System: SPARTACOTE™
United States

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