Resinous Flooring for Car Dealerships


Beautiful, easy to maintain floors

Car dealerships require floors that work as hard as they do. With systems ranging from high gloss decorative showrooms to durable, chemical resistant service bays, SPARTACOTE® resinous floor systems by LATICRETE® has a solution to keep your dealership open and operating. Offering a full line of industry-leading products that are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Endlessly customizable, they can be designed to include complementary colors, decals, logos, and safety markings. SPARTACOTE has a solution for all areas of your facility including:

  • Showrooms
  • Service Departments
  • Lobbies and Seating Areas
  • Office and Administrative Areas
  • Entrance Ways and Hallways
  • Bathrooms

SPARTACOTE® Metallic PTC System

The SPARTACOTE METALLIC PTC system is an artistic and unique multi-coat, high-performance decorative system designed to provide an attractive and durable seamless flooring finish.  Built utilizing SPARTAOCTE products, this low VOC system is ideal for interior spaces needing a showroom quality finish coupled with ease of cleaning and maintenance.  It consists of an epoxy primer, epoxy mid-coat with metallic pigments, and a UV stable clear polyaspartic topcoat. 

  • Beautiful color, intensity, and luster
  • Ability to incorporate decals and custom logos
  • Multiple finish options including custom colors available
  • Stain and spill-resistant products extend the life of your floor
  • Non-slip flooring

Easy to clean and maintain

Keep your dealership looking its best with SPARTACOTE’s easy to clean floor and wall systems. Naturally seamless and impervious to spills, SPARTACOTE floor and wall systems are a great fit as they are highly durable and don’t require any waxing or special cleaners to upkeep.

SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring solutions offer you:

  • Customizable colors and finishes  Enhance your space by creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere using our wide range of colors and finishes or take it a step further and customize your space through the AnyColor™ program.
  • Dedicated systems and solutions – Give your customer the best experience by choosing a system designed specifically to match your space. Allow us to evaluate your facility and suggest a solution tailored to your needs. 
  • Rapid return to service – Decrease disruption and fast-track your project by taking advantage of our rapid curing products which allow for quick turnaround and fast return to service. 
  • High quality products With a long history of successful installations across the globe, LATICRETE is proud to offer unique patented products that are manufactured to strict quality standards to provide years of safe, reliable service. 

Allow us to help!

With our local presence, LATICRETE is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer to offer expert technical assistance and recommendations. Connect with our team to discuss your next project by filling out the form below. Our floor coating professionals are conveniently located North America to serve as your guide to your next educational facility project. 

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