Healthcare Flooring for the Impatient

Fast cure resinous flooring gets you back to work

Healthcare facilities require a safe and sterile environment with long-lasting performance. SPARTACOTE™ resinous floor and wall systems by LATICRETE® offer seamless, highly durable, easy to clean solutions to meet the most demanding health care challenges.

  • Operating Rooms
  • Central Sterile
  • Patient Rooms
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Lobbies & Hallways
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Kitchens & Cafeterias

Exceptional protection for the life of your system

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring features an optional Clinical Plus silver ion antimicrobial technology* that offers 24/7 antimicrobial product protection.

Blended directly into the base resin, it inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause product degradation, discoloration, and odors. Integral to the coating itself and not only surface applied, Clinical Plus coatings offer protection that lasts for the effective life of the floor even if the coating becomes scratched or worn. Independent laboratory testing has proven that Clinical Plus coatings are 99.9 % cleaner than untreated coatings.

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring solutions offer you:

  • Rapid return to service
  • Clinical Plus silver ion antimicrobial technology
  • Hygienic, easy to clean seamless floor to wall protection
  • Low VOC and low odor installation
  • Durable, beautiful customized finishes with non-slip traction
  • High chemical and impact resistance
  • USDA compliant (FDA/CFSAN US Food Code 6.101.11 Surface Characteristics) systems for commercial kitchen environments

Learn more about our proven resinous flooring systems for healthcare applications

LATICRETE provides specialized floor coating systems for various areas of your healthcare facility.

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*Antimicrobial technology protects the treated article against mold and mildew deterioration. Antimicrobial technology is not designed to replace normal cleaning practices or protect users.

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