Resinous Flooring for Residential Homes

Durability designed for the real world

Life can be tough on your floors. For the mess of everyday life, you need flooring that’s up to the task. SPARTACOTE® resinous concrete floor coatings offer a full line of professional-grade coatings designed to transform even the hardest areas into bright, attractive and welcoming spaces that will be both durable and beautiful for years to come. SPARTACOTE resinous flooring and wall systems by LATICRETE are excellent choices for both single family homes and multifamily residences.

  • Garage Floor Coating
  • Concrete Basement Floor
  • Workshop Flooring  
  • Game Room Flooring
  • Laundry Room Flooring
  • Utility Room Flooring
  • Walkways and Breezeways



SPARTACOTE CHIP XPL system is a full broadcast decorative polyaspartic system ideal for interior spaces such as garage floors, workshops, and laundry rooms. Highly stain and chemical resistant, it will withstand daily use with minimal maintenance. Choose from our wide selection of colors and finishes to customize to the aesthetics of your room. 

  • Rapid products allow for single-day installation
  • Multiple finish options and colors available
  • Spill and stain resistant to most common household items including gasoline, oil, grease, and road salts
  • UV stable, will not fade or yellow over time
  • No hot tire pickup

Easy to clean and maintain

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring is naturally seamless and impervious, making them easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep or mop to remove dirt and dust from the surface. No special tools or cleaners are required.

Highest quality products

SPARTACOTE products are professional-grade products manufactured to the highest quality standards. They provide industry-leading levels of protection that will last for years so you’ll never have to worry about your coating delaminating, hot tire pickup, or premature wear.

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No hassle installation

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