The training videos included in this series are not intended to take a novice in floor installations to the level of expert. We ask that you consult a LATICRETE representative to discuss specific techniques for the proper installation of SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems.

SPARTACOTE concrete coatings products are for professional use only and must be installed by a trained SPARTACOTE coatings contractor.

Click on the links below to watch our training videos. 

Introduction to LATICRETE® SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Coating Systems & Decorative Resinous Flooring

What is CSP - Concrete Surface Profile?

Resinous Flooring Solutions for Your Facility’s Floor

How to Prepare Tile and Self-Leveling Underlayment (SLU) for SPARTACOTE® Resinous Flooring Systems

SPARTACOTE® Urethane Cement Installed at Rooster's Brewery

How to Install SPARTACOTE® Urethane Cement

Crack and Concrete Repair Urethane

How to install SPARTACOTE® CHIP Coating Systems for Concrete in Residential Garages

How to Install SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ QUARTZ Concrete Coating

SPARTACOTE® Concrete Coating Systems Project at Texas Motor Speedway

SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE Clinical Plus – a silver ion antimicrobial concrete coating

How to Install SPARTACOTE® METALLIC Concrete Coatings

How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete to Prepare for Resinous Flooring

How to Fix, Patch and Repair Concrete in Commercial and High-End Residential Areas

Best Practices for the Application of Resinous Flooring in Grow Rooms

How to Patch and Repair Terrazzo Floors

How to Fix Concrete Cracking in Exterior Ramps