How MVP Works

MORE Choices, MORE Flexibility, MORE Rewards

Your Business and LATICRETE® will Grow Together!

Joining the MVP program is easy! You will meet with a qualified LATICRETE Distributor and your local LATICRETE Representative to discuss and sign the MVP agreement. This agreement will be renewed yearly. The MVP agreement is not a contract, it is an agreement. It describes the process and commitment from you, the qualified LATICRETE Distributor and LATICRETE.

You will select the LATICRETE Distributor to sign up with. The distributor will provide you with comprehensive and competitive pricing for all LATICRETE products. As an MVP you will receive the best price on all your LATICRETE purchases.

Your commitment to the program is to use LATICRETE whenever and wherever you can.


The more LATICRETE products you purchase – the more you earn! For every dollar you spend on LATICRETE products, earns redeemable points toward a selection of goods and travel.

Qualify for silver, gold or platinum status!

Our MVP Program is getting better and better all the time. Be sure to check out the MVP Reward Trips for information on award-winning destination trips only MVPs enjoy!

Distributor Reporting

Your designated MVP distributors will automatically provide us with a quarterly report of your LATICRETE purchases, and we’ll update your MVP account. You can view your status when you login to the program website.

Sneak Peaks of New LATICRETE Products

One of the benefits of being an LATICRETE® MVP is that you will receive FREE samples of new LATICRETE products before they are released to the market. This will keep you on the cutting edge of current installation system technology.

Ready to sign up for the MVP program? Have questions?

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