Eco Grout Color Selector

Our new Eco Grout Color Selector offers a sustainable method of selecting and sampling LATICRETE® grout colors. The tool is comprised of 100% recyclable materials, consisting of a compact display which holds 50 color-deposited paper channels for each of the 40 standard grout colors offered. 

It's the first and only of its kind! The Eco Grout Color Selector provides a highly accurate color profile and revolutionizes how the marketplace samples grout colors.


Learn about the New Eco Grout Color Selector for LATICRETE grouts in the video below.

Why did we do it?

We care about our environment and we care about our customers. Each year, millions of plastic channel color tools are manufactured, used, and disposed of. The impact on our landfills is devastating. Plastics take several years to decompose and can injure/poison our wildlife while also seeping harmful chemicals into groundwater. 

We’re creating a movement to change the method in which the marketplace utilizes grout color selection tools. By doing so, we will generate greater sustainability and reduction of waste, contributing to a very positive impact on our environment. 


A reduction in the use of plastics for color tools significantly reduces the impact on our environment, saves energy consumption, and prevents pollution by lessening the amount of new raw materials used.

Not only does this tool provide a sustainable method for color selection but it also offers you more benefits than plastic channels. With paper channels, there is greater accuracy with a direct deposit of color. A textured finish provides a more life-like depiction to actual grout. The paper channel is longer (8”) allowing more area to view color, and it is bendable to simulate an actual grout joint. 

The display is made of corrugated paper and pre-assembled for convenience of loading paper channels. It can also be easily refurbished to accommodate color changes. Paper channels come packed in 50s and simply slide into the appropriate slot. Each color channel includes information on the backside pertaining to which LATICRETE grout and sealant products are available. 

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A Color for Every Lifestyle

Nearly all LATICRETE grouts and sealants come in 40 distinct colors, spanning from Bright White to Midnight Black, and from natural to earthy to coastal, this vast range of color offers you multiple options to find the right match to your tile and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for the perfect match to a specific color, you can also take advantage of our custom color offering found in our AnyColor™ program. This allows us to color-match PERMACOLOR® Select or PERMACOLOR Select NS grouts and LATASIL™ silicone sealant to any color you wish in the BEHR®‡, Benjamin Moore®‡, Sherwin-Williams®‡ or PANTONE®‡ palettes. 



Countertop Display

The LATICRETE Eco Grout Color Selector is a compact countertop display constructed of 100% recyclable corrugate offering a span of 40 grout colors to help you select and sample color for your next tile installation project.

Colors are conveniently loaded and tiered to help you view all the LATICRETE grout colors at once; this helps you to pre-select and narrow down your search at a glance.



Eco Color Channels

Each color channel offers you an 8” sample of color to help you envision your tile and grout installation. Color is deposited on one side with a sanded texture additive to provide a life-like look and feel of grout.

The channel can be used flat or folded, giving you more than one option to sample color. When the score is folded on each side of the channel, the end result will be a ¼" grout joint which stands on its own. Simply place this channel between two tiles to depict what the actual grout installation will look like. 



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‡ Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin-Williams®, BEHR® and PANTONE® have no involvement with this program. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.