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Choose which LATICRETE grout color is best for your project.

Available Colors

Check out the wide variety of grout, sealant, caulk and mortar colors offered by LATICRETE®.  

If you need a custom color we can also help! With our ANYCOLOR™ program, we can color-match almost any color you can imagine!


#00 - Clear (LATASIL Only)

#03 - Silk

#07 - Lemonade

#09 - Frosty

#16 - Siltstone

#17 - Marble Beige

#18 - Sauterne

#22 - Midnight Black

#23 - Antique White

#24 - Natural Grey

#27 - Hemp

#30 - Sand Beige

#34 - Sandstone

#35 - Mocha

#38 - River Rock

#39 - Mushroom

#40 - Latte

#41 - Kashmir

#42 - Platinum

#43 - Chocolate Truffle

#44 - Bright White

#45 - Raven

#46 - Quarry Red

#50 - Sea Glass

#52 - Toasted Almond

#53 - Twilight Blue

#56 - Desert Khaki

#57 - Hot Cocoa

#58 - Terra Cotta

#59 - Espresso

#60 - Dusty Grey

#61 - Parchment

#66 - Chestnut Brown

#67 - Autumn Green

#78 - Sterling Silver

#81 - Butter Cream

#85 - Almond

#87 - Stormy Grey

#88 - Silver Shadow

#89 - Smoke Grey

#90 - Light Pewter

#91 - Slate Grey

#92 - Saltillo

#93 - Fossil

#94 - Walnut

#95 - Mink

#96 - Steamship

#97 - Iron

Blue Glow

Blue Hawaii


Candied Apple



Green Glow

Grey (Adhesives Only)



Pretty In Pink

Purple Haze

Ruby Slipper


Tangerine Orange


White (Adhesives Only)


Grout Channel Display FAQs

Are You a Dealer or Distributor in Need of Upgrading Your LATICRETE Grout Channel Display?

LATICRETE now offers an upgrade kit for your display featuring our new colors, available free of charge!

How Can I Tell if my Grout Channel Display Qualifies for an Upgrade?

Check the lower-right corner of the label on the front of the display. If the item number in small print is "L-0002-0310" or "L-0002-1208", your display qualifies for an upgrade kit.

How Do I Request an Upgrade Kit for My Display?

Simply visit our Grout Channel Restocking Order Site and choose the Grout Channel Display Upgrade Kit for your model display.

Grout and Sealant Color Guidelines

Grouts, Caulks & Sealants, and Profiles & Trims Color Guidelines – Grouts, caulks & sealants, and profiles & trims color samples are guides only. LATICRETE does not warrant color matching to this color chart or to any color guide produced. Actual shade and texture will depend on job site conditions, lighting, installation techniques and types/color of tile or stone used, and may vary from this color chart, color kit and color swatch on product packaging. Verify actual appearance and compatibility with a test area before installing. Blend grouts with different control numbers. Follow ANSI A108.10/Materials and Methods Standards Association (MMSA) Bulletin #9. No claims for color shade variations will be honored.

Grout Coverage Guidelines

Calculated coverage indicated is approximate, based on “nominal” tile size and is provided for purposes of estimation only. Actual coverage will vary depending on job site conditions, actual tile size and installed grout joint size. Add 10% for waste, spillage and clean-up, and another 10% – 15% when grouting unglazed quarry tile. Expanded coverage tables at