AnyColor PERMACOLOR Select grout, LATASIL silicone sealant and SPARTACOTE flooring pigment color solution by LATICRETE

With the PERMACOLOR® Select grout and LATASIL™ silicone sealant AnyColor™ program, we can color-match any color you can imagine in just three easy steps! These products can be matched to any color in the vast BEHR®‡, Benjamin Moore®‡, Sherwin-Williams®‡ or PANTONE®‡ palettes.

NEW as of July, 2021 you can take advantage of the SPARTACOTE® AnyColor program in our polyaspartic, epoxy and urethane products. Match your companies color, logo, or branding to create a truly unique and custom space!

AnyColor Grout Color Matching Program from LATICRETE

Grout Color Matching

With our AnyColor program, we now offer the ability for you to create your own customized, exclusive grout colors to match any tile. 

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PERMACOLOR Select Special Edition Grout colors by LATICRETE

Special Edition Grout Colors

This year, we have developed special edition colors which are inspired by the world's foremost paint and color experts; BEHR®, Benjamin Moore®‡, Sherwin-Williams®‡ and PANTONE®‡. These colors add to the over 10,000 possible color options we can create for you.

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LATASIL silicone sealant color matching program by LATICRETE

LATASIL™ Silicone Sealant Color Matching

With LATASIL you also have the ability to design your own exclusive sealant colors.

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SPARTACOTE AnyColor polyaspartic, epoxy and urethane color matching program


SPARTACOTE® Universal Pigments are highly concentrated colorants designed to provide consistent vibrant color and excellent hide in your resinous and decorative coatings projects. With the SPARTACOTE® AnyColor™ program you have the freedom to match any space or décor with a custom color of your choice! 

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†United States Patent No.: 6784229 B2 (and other Patents). 

^When mixed with PERMACOLOR® Select Base.

‡ Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin-Williams®, BEHR® and PANTONE® have no involvement with this program. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. 

**LATICRETE makes no guarantee on color match to our grout color card and color tools. This process/method can be used to create a colored adhesive mortar to facilitate the installation of translucent, transparent, opaque glass mosaics and other finishes where cleaning thin set mortar out of the joints is a challenge. Do not use colored adhesive mortar as a substitute for grout. Always conduct a test area to validate performance and results.