ANYCOLOR™ Grouts and Sealants

AnyColor program by LATICRETE offers grout and silicone sealant options

The PERMACOLOR® Select grout and LATASIL™ silicone sealant ANYCOLOR™ program offers you the ability to color-match any color you can imagine in just three easy steps! These products can be matched to any color in the vast BEHR®‡, Benjamin Moore®‡, Sherwin-Williams®‡ or PANTONE®‡ palettes.

PERMACOLOR® Select Grout

Industry Leading Performance
PERMACOLOR® Select† is an advanced high performance two-part cementitious grout system with a neutral base mixture and the industry’s first dispersable dry pigment solution for color selection that does not require sealing. Easy to mix, grout and clean, PERMACOLOR Select is fast setting and is suitable for joints 1/16" to 1/2" (1.5 mm to 12 mm) wide on floors or walls, in both interior and exterior applications; ideal for submerged installations. Choose your base in either a sanded or (NS) non-sanded grout base and add the color kit.

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Grout Color Kit Options:
Color kits are available in 150+ stocked colors, including all 40 LATICRETE® standard colors, the top selling competitor’s colors. Or use the ANYCOLOR program to select custom colors to match the style of any project.

The Color Options Are Endless

With PERMACOLOR® Select ANYCOLOR™ there are no limits on grout color choices. Simply choose a Pantone®, BEHR®, Sherwin-Williams® or Benjamin Moore® color from their vast color palette and in less than two weeks your customer’s design vision becomes reality.

View the Data Sheet to see how easy it is to use PERMACOLOR Select Grout and how Color Kits can be used with different LATICRETE® adhesives to achieve more options** >  


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PERMACOLOR® Select Special Edition Grout Colors

Special Edition colors are inspired by the world’s foremost paint and color experts - BEHR, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Pantone – offering you additional stocked color options to choose from.

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View the Colors** Below!

PERMACOLOR Select grout 2021 special edition color ultimate gray

PERMACOLOR® Select Color Kit PANTONE® Ultimate Gray 17-5104

PART #26LE-0001-2

PERMACOLOR Select grout 2021 special edition color illuminating

PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit PANTONE Illuminating 13-0647

PART #26LE-0002-2

PERMACOLOR Select grout 2021 special edition color urbane bronze

PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit Sherwin-Williams® Urbane Bronze 245-C7

PART #26LE-0003-2

PERMACOLOR Select grout 2021 special edition color aegean teal

PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit Benjamin Moore® Aegean Teal 2136-40

PART #26LE-0004-2

PERMACOLOR Select grout 2021 special edition color jojoba

PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit BEHR® Jojoba N390-3

PART #26LE-0005-2


Match your PERMACOLOR Selectł ANYCOLOR Grout with our LATASIL™ silicone sealant! LATASIL is a high performance, one component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile and stone applications. 

  • Exterior and interior use
  • Swimming pools and other wet area applications
  • Expansion joints in residential and commercial applications  


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ANYCOLOR Order Process

Pick Your Color

You or your client choose from one of the four color palettes, and note the color name and number.

PANTONE® BEHR® Sherwin-William® Benjamin Moore®

Provide Color Code

Provide your color choice to your local distributor or LATICRETE sales representative (if you need their contact information, click here to contact us) for color matching. Minimum order quantity required. 

Receive Your Custom Color Match!

In about 2 weeks your ANYCOLOR custom color match grout or sealant will be received!

†United States Patent No.: 6784229 B2 (and other Patents).  

Pantone®, BEHR®, Sherwin-Williams®, and Benjamin Moore® are not affiliated with the PERMACOLOR Select product line and/or LATICRETE International, Inc. 

**LATICRETE makes no guarantee on color match to our grout color card and color tools. This process/method can be used to create a colored adhesive mortar to facilitate the installation of translucent, transparent, opaque glass mosaics and other finishes where cleaning thin set mortar out of the joints is a challenge. Do not use colored adhesive mortar as a substitute for grout. Always conduct a test area to validate performance and results.