NEW Cement Grout Technology

Water Dispersion Technology by LATICRETE

Introducing Water Dispersion Technology™ in our high-performance cement grouts. 

This cutting-edge technology is now available in PERMACOLOR® and PERMACOLOR Select Grout formulations.  

Why Water Dispersion Technology (WDT)?

At LATICRETE, we are committed to innovating and improving. As we designed and developed these new and improved formulations, we also worked to help minimize the overall challenges with grout in the marketplace, such as cracking, color inconsistency, and staining. 
Our WDT allows for the complete dispersion of water during mixing and slaking. This technology helps make these grout products stronger and denser than ever before, providing 20% stronger* grout joints and up to 30% higher stain resistance*.

For optimal WDT, adhere to the mixing instructions for the best grouting experience. Watch our video to see how easy it is to mix and use PERMACOLOR Grout and PERMACOLOR Select Grout. Also available are step-by-step instructions and downloadable documentation below. 

How much water should I use?

Refer to the mixing instructions located on the back of the packaging or on the PERMACOLOR Grout and PERMACOLOR Select Grout data sheets.


  • Always use clean potable water in a clean mixing container to start
  • When mixing PERMACOLOR Grout: add the bag of grout to the container with water and mix with a slow speed drill mixer (300 rpm) for 1 minute 
  • When mixing PERMACOLOR Select Grout: add the PERMACOLOR Select Color Kit pigment pod(s) to the container with water, then add the bag of grout; mix with a slow speed drill mixer (300 rpm) for 1 minute 
  • Note: The initial mix may look slightly dry - DO NOT ADD MORE WATER; the Water Dispersion Technology will activate during the slaking process 
  • Wait and let the mix slake for 5 minutes  
  • Remix with a drill for 1 minute 



  • Clean tile surface with a damp sponge
  • Spread the grout with a sharp, firm rubber grout float or wall float for narrow wall joints 
  • To remove excess grout, hold the float at a 90° angle and pull it at a 45° angle diagonally across the joints to avoid removing the grout from the joints 
  • Note: If the grout begins to stiffen during installation, remix with a margin trowel for 10–15 seconds; DO NOT ADD MORE WATER  



  • For initial cleaning, wait approximately 20 – 30 minutes at 70°F (21°C); wider joints or cooler temperatures may extend wait time 
  • Begin initial cleaning by lightly wiping down entire area with a damp sponge (not wet) in a circular motion to keep joints full 
  • Continually rinse sponge and lightly wipe down entire area diagonally; continue this process until entire area is clean 
  • Allow to dry for 3 hours at 70°F (21°C) 
  • For final cleaning, use a damp sponge or dry cloth to remove remaining grout haze 


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*Compared to original PERMACOLOR Grout and PERMACOLOR Select Grout formulations.