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STONETECH® Heavy Duty Sealer

STONETECH® Heavy Duty Sealer

A heavy duty sealer that protects against most stains on a variety of stones, all while preserving the natural look of the stone.

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LATICRETE® offers a professional and retail line of care and maintenance products for tile, natural stone, grout, and masonry surfaces. Each line provides unique natural look sealers, enhancing sealers and specialized cleaners. Whether it’s natural stone, tile, grout or another type, if your surface has some porosity it can stain with water, oil and food-based liquids. Natural-look sealers protect but do not alter the surface. All-in-one enhancing sealers darken and/or add a desired shine all while protecting the surface. Specialized cleaners in a range of daily and heavy duty cleaning solutions can help to remove stains without damaging the surface.

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