STONETECH® Honing Powder

The professional grade, stone restoration honing powders that eliminate mild to deep scratches and create even honed finishes.  Available in extra fine to coarse grits.

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Product Guarantee USA
Product Guarantee

Features & Benefits

  • Creates an even, honed, flat finish
  • Prepares stone for polishing and shining
  • Available in 180, 280, 400, 600 and 800 grit levels
  • Different grits eliminate mild to deep scratches
  • Non-acidic for natural stone and terrazzo
  • Designed for professional use

Product Information

STONETECH® Honing Powders are stone restoration powders that eliminate mild to deep scratches and create even honed, flat finishes.  These powders are available in extra fine to coarse grits (180, 280, 400, 600, and 800).  These non-acidic powders are designed for professional use on natural stone and terrazzo surfaces.  STONETECH honing powders prepare the surface for polishing with STONETECH Polishing Powder.

  • Product #: ST312-0630-XXX
  • Packaging Sizes:

    US and CANADA

    • ST312-0630-180:  180 GRIT/1.9LB (850G) Bottle - 6 / case - Coarse for deep scratches
    • ST312-0630-280:  280 GRIT/1.9LB (850G) Bottle - 6 / case - Medium for mild to deep scratches
    • ST312-0630-400:  400 GRIT/1.9LB (850G) Bottle - 6 / case - Fine for mild scratches
    • ST312-0630-600:  600 GRIT/1.9LB (850G) Bottle - 6 / case - Very fine for light to mild scratches
    • ST312-0630-800:  800 GRIT/1.9LB (850G) Bottle - 6 / case - Extra fine for light scratches & etch marks
  • Part of System: StoneTech®
United States

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