The STRATA_HEAT™ floor heating system is the most advanced radiant floor heating system available in the world. Consisting of a high performance floor heating wire, an uncoupling mat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat and the world’s first heat conductive thin-set additive – the system provides you with the most advanced and efficient floor heating system for your next installation.

  • Uniformity and energy efficiency all in one floor heating system
  • Highest quality floor heating installation available

LATICRETE helps you design the space for your heated floors using our free, simple to use floor warming layout tool which makes adding radiant floor heating easy.

STRATA_HEAT is part of the LATICRETE Lifetime System Warranty – providing you one source, one warranty from the substrate to the grout – no other company can match the innovative features or offer such a comprehensive line of products.

Click here to watch short video tutorials on how to use and install these floor heating products.

Turn up the HEAT with the Highest Performing Radiant Floor Heating System Available!


STRATA_HEAT Mat is an innovative uncoupling membrane designed to accommodate STRATA_HEAT Wire – allowing for easy and secure wire placement prior to installing tile and stone flooring.
Available only from LATICRETE, STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack is a patent pending additive designed exclusively for use in select LATICRETE adhesives.
STRATA_HEAT™ Wire is designed for use in STRATA_HEAT Mat or with STRATA_HEAT Spacing Strips.
STRATA_HEAT Thermostat
STRATA_HEAT Thermostat
STRATA_HEAT™ system is controlled by your choice of either an innovative smart Wi-Fi compatible version or a standard programmable option.