SPARTACOTE® Urethane Cement Cove Base

SPARTACOTE® Urethane Cement Cove Base creates a seamless transition between floors and walls.

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Características y ventajas

  • Seamless transition between walls & floor
  • Excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21

Información del producto

SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement Cove Base creates a seamless transition between floors and walls.  Meant for use within SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement ATS & SL systems for industrial applications experiencing thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposure. It consists of a Part A & B liquids, Cove Base slurry powder and optional SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement Pigments.

Available Colors: Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Tan, Green, Red and Black

  • Tamaños de presentación: Part A & B Liquids
    9250-0001-1 Part A: 1 gal (3.7L) liquid
    9252-0005-1 Part B: 1 gal (3.7L) liquid

    Cove Base Filler
    9249-0028-1 Cove Base: 28.5 lb (12.9kg) powder

    Urethane Cement Pigments
    9260-0001-1 Medium Grey: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment
    9261-0001-1 Dark Gery: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment
    9262-0001-1 Tan: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment
    9263-0001-1 Green: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment
    9264-0001-1 Red: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment
    9264-0001-1 Black: 1 lb (0.5kg) pigment

  • Parte del sistema: LATICRETE®

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