Tile & Stone Installation


STRATA_MAT es una membrana desacoplable de alto desempeño de próxima generación para usar debajo de instalaciones de revestimiento cerámico y piedra, tanto en aplicaciones residenciales como comerciales.

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Product Categories

Ensure a successful installation each and every time with the most comprehensive assortment of innovative tile and stone installation materials available. LATICRETE® industry-leading products provide complete system solutions from the substrate up through the grout for virtually any type of tile or stone installation in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Product categories include adhesives and mortars, thick-bed mortars and screeds, grouts (including epoxy tile grout), caulks and sealants, sound control, uncoupling, anti-fracture, vapor reduction, waterproofing, shower system components, professional maintenance products for tile and stone and hardscapes – all designed to work together, providing a comprehensive, warrantied installation and ways to protect, clean and transform tile and stone projects for years to come.