Latest Innovations

LATICRETE® Leads the Industry in Innovation

For over 60 years, LATICRETE® has led the industry with pioneering advancements – developing high-performance building materials and services for architects and construction professionals worldwide. From time-tested to ground-breaking, our broad product portfolio provides superior quality and value. We are fully committed to innovation, growth, and a complete system component approach.

Here are some examples of product and service innovations LATICRETE® has developed.

Live Chat

We launched the installation material industry’s first Live Chat online technical service functionality of its kind, allowing customers to connect directly with a LATICRETE Technical Services representative via web chat, email or phone call. We’re able to provide instant, easy-to-access, five-star service to our customers across the globe by whichever means is most convenient for them. Live Chat is available on every page of the website, can be accessed through computers, tablets and smartphones, without having to download an app.

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We can now color-match almost any color you can imagine and deliver in less than 2 weeks! PERMACOLOR® SELECT ANYCOLOR™ is available in competitive comparative colors.

Don't forget - PERMACOLOR® SELECT grout is also available in 80 stocked colors, including all 40 LATICRETE® colors.

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SPECTRALOCK® Grout is the world’s #1 epoxy grout. SPECTRA LOCK is a stainproof* epoxy grout that utilizes a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. Its unique cross-linking system performs like an epoxy with respect to color uniformity, durability, and stain protection and it is just as easy to use as a portland cement-based grout.

*Stain proof (residential installation only) to common household cleaners, liquids and other goods. Clean all spills immediately.

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125 Sound & Crack Adhesive

125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive mortar all in one. It is a light weight single component adhesive mortar which takes the place of costly time consuming anti-fracture and sound control membrane or mat systems by allowing for faster more effective tile or stone installation.

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SPARTACOTE Flex Pure is a low-odor and low-VOC resinous flooring system which can be used to achieve a multitude of protective and decorative seamless finishes. Widely used in commercial and industrial environments, Flex PURE greatly limits facility downtime with rapid installation and next-day return to service.

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A unique delivery system changing the ways floors are built.

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