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Sujit Singh
Posted 07/12/2017 by SHARON LA RIVIERE

Story by: Sujit Singh, LATICRETE® Middle East GM

A small scale landscaping company maintains many private gardens in our residential area. My wife Seema usually calls this company owner to seek advice on seasonal plants and maintenance issues. Being very social, Seema would also inquire about his business, challenges and growth prospects. The company owner shared how he started from a very small venture who has grown rapidly having maintenance contracts for 50 villas in our communities.

During one of the casual chats with Seema, the landscaping owner declared proudly that he recently added a general maintenance company to his portfolio and he was trying hard to land some big contracts. Seema promptly advised him to start working with a reputable company such as LATICRETE, so he will have better chances securing big projects. Seema asked him to visit the LATICRETE Middle East office to collect some brochures to keep handy to present to any high profile prospects as an assurance of quality work. It was all just a casual conversation.

After few months, the owner of the maintenance company returned excited, telling Seema that he is bidding for a project of refurbishment of swimming pools for an international chain of hotels called, Banyan Tree. She told him to submit LATICRETE products as samples to increase chances of approval. After a prompt visit to the LATICRETE office, purchased a range of LATICRETE swimming pool products, payed cash and submitted it as sample to the project.

Until this time I was not aware of this project until last month when my wife called me and told me that the landscaping guy has landed a big swimming pool refurbishment project and he is going to use LATICRETE products!  He may contact me for a good price. I asked her, “When did he start working with LATICRETE products? How big is this project?” The answer: 70 + swimming pools!  I was taken aback, speechless. She narrated the whole story while I wondered how come she managed to sell LATICRETE products without any help!

Her answer and approach was very simple. She believes that products of a high quality, and with a good brand image will help him win the project. She did not try to sell anything, she just tried to help someone who wanted to become successful.

I learned a very important lesson…you do not need to hard sell a product. You just need to try to help someone achieve his or her goal with the help of your product if it can help.

Last week the maintenance company purchased their first initial stock of LATICRETE 254 Adhesive and SPECTRALOCK® epoxy grout. I expect him to be back soon to try more LATICRETE products as he’s currently getting approvals for HYDRO BAN® / LATICRETE 302 waterproofing membrane materials.

We’re not only happy to have a new customer, but happy to be able to help out a ‘guy’ trying to make his dreams come true. 

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