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LATICRETE China Celebrates 10th Anniversary and ONE LATICRETE TEAM Event | LATICRETE Conversations

Posted 01/25/2018 by SHARON LA RIVIERE

On January 12, 2018 LATICRETE China hosted the ONE LATICRETE ONE TEAM event during the day for over 200 employees followed by their 10th Anniversary celebration later that night.

This new initiative started in 2018 brings David and Henry Rothberg, 2nd generation LATICRETE to the employees of each of our global business units to talk about the history, success, culture and future growth plans of the company. LATICRETE, despite geographical distance, is ‘one’ team with the same vision, mission and values.

The event for our team in China kicked off with inspirational speeches from Bill Qiu, GM of LATICRETE China, David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, LATICRETE International and Erno de Bruijn, LATICRETE President and COO, International Division


Bill Qui, GM LATICRETE China
Bill Qui, GM LATICRETE China

Bill Qiu, GM of LATICRETE China, gave a speech where he explained how the Chinese name for LATICRETE, “LADI” was chosen. I think it means “strong thunder”. I thought the logic and relevance of the name in Chinese would bring a smile to the face of our founder, of blessed memory, Dr. Henry M. Rothberg” – David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO, LATICRETE International 


David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO of LATICRETE International with Jenny Fu, Management Trainee
David Rothberg, Chairman / CEO of LATICRETE International with Jenny Fu, Management Trainee 

Jenny Fu, Management Trainee, acted as translator to assist with conveying David’s message to the team. 
“I am very proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in ChinaIn 10 years we became one of the driving forces behind the national standard setting for tile and stone installations, we became one of the leading brands in the industry and our material were used on many of the landmark construction projects.
Equally important; we built a very strong and enthusiastic team of over 200 people that operates in true LATICRETE spirit.” – Erno de Bruijn, LATICRETE President and COO, International Division



After the speeches the group split into teams to learn how to play the African drum and later competed for the opportunity to perform at that night’s 10th Anniversary celebration.
The team building session was divided into 3 parts: concentric, synchronization and inspiration. The groups learned about the drum and practiced using a combination of their body and the drum to develop the beat and rhythm into a song.





Next the coaches came on stage helping the teams bring into synchronization with one another. Finally, the teams competed against one another in a drumming competition! During the exercise the teams learned how to interact with one another enhancing each other’s strengths and creating positive energy throughout the entire experience.

10th Anniversary Celebration

We were honored to include employees, customers, several former employees, LATICRETE China Board Members, and international guests from LATICRETE headquarters and other LATICRETE international business units from around the globe in the anniversary celebration. 
We were honored to award 7 of our suppliers with a “Supplier of the Year Award”! 



1. Jiangsu Gude Plastics Co., Ltd.
2. Shanghai Yinge Industrial Co., Ltd.
3. Tianpu Chemicals Co., Ltd.
4. Changsha Meilin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
5. Shanghai Miaogu Industrial Co., Ltd.
6. Pinghu Shengzhu Packing Co., Ltd.
7. Shanghai Leixia Industrial Co., Ltd.

During the night, several employee awards were given for:
Service Awards for 5 and 10 Years 
3 Best Sales People
2017 Best Sales Team
Employees of the Year 
General Manager’s Special Award 


5 years of service
5 Year Service Awards

Attendees were entertained by 11 different teams giving performances which included singing, dancing, acting and reciting poems! Everyone had the opportunity to win gifts during the “Luck Draw” game using a QR code in WeChat. 

Dressed to Kill



David Rothberg and Faisal Saleem
David Rothberg and Faisal Saleem

It was a great day and night of celebrating the accomplishments of our team and our partners who help make us successful.