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Car Aficionado Gets Custom Resinous Flooring to Show Off His Collection | LATICRETE Conversations

Posted 03/15/2021 by Sharon La Riviere

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring garage makeover in SPARTACOTE Chip and SPARTACOTE Metallic coatings

Mike (Streetspeed717), car aficionado and YouTuber wanted his personal 1,400 s.f. (130 m2) garage to be unique, look nice and be easier to keep clean so that he could show off some of his favorite cars (in no order of favorite: 2019 ZR1, 1993 Corrado, 1997 Blazer, 2020 Duramax, C8 Corvette). He contacted LATICRETE to help him with the transformation. A custom SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring system was the solution. The custom look he decided on was a combination of both a SPARTACOTE® CHIP™ (glow-in-the-dark) and SPARTACOTE® Metallic Pigment

Watch this video of the installation! 

1. First, the garage floor had to be prepped so LATICRETE teamed up with local pros, Budget Maintenance out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania to mechanically prepare the garage surface prior the installation of the flooring system. 

2. The garage concrete had some chips, so some fixes were needed first. We used SPARTACOTE® FAST FIX™ low odor urethane to fill cracks and to remove some odd cut lines in the floor. We then rolled on the base coat, SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL (white) in the areas where the chip would go and a black color of the same product in the metallic areas. 

Tip: We chose to use polyaspartic products because the floor nor the temperature outside never got above 35 degrees Fahrenheit (and was in the teens at night). You cannot use epoxy products at these temperatures because it will not set up below 45 degrees. Even at 50 degrees it would have taken 12 hours or longer to set up. By using the polyaspartic we were ready for the next coat within 3 hours.

3. We then used a custom color mix with the glow-in-the-dark in the chip area and gunmetal metallic on the border. We scraped the chips and locked them in tight with a coat of SPARTACOTE® FLEX XPL (clear) coating. 

4. Once everything was dry, for an added safety measure and to help prevent against slips, we added a final 60 grit traction additive topcoat over the entire floor to improve traction. 

5. To make his space even more unique, we used a glow additive in the SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ Pure (clear) polyaspartic on the poles in the garage to also make them glow.  

SPARTACOTE resinous flooring glow in dark chip system

The whole project took only two days from start to finish!  

Do you want a custom garage floor or have clients that do? Email us at and we’ll get you in touch with a local expert.