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The Power of the Grout Calculator | LATICRETE Conversations

Posted 10/20/2023 by Sharon La Riviere



Determining the precise amount of grout required for your tiling project is a crucial step in planning your job. The question "how much grout do I need?" is influenced by several factors that need careful consideration.  

Three primary variables play a pivotal role in determining your grout quantity: 

  1. The size of your tiles sets the baseline. Larger tiles demand more grout, while intricate patterns might require additional material to ensure a seamless finish. 
  2. The width and depth of your grout joints contribute significantly. Wider and deeper joints necessitate extra grout for optimal bonding and aesthetics.  
  3. The total square footage of the area to be grouted directly impacts the overall calculation. 

PRO TIP: To account for variations and unforeseen factors, adhere to the "10% Rule." This rule involves adding at least 10% of extra grout material to compensate for waste incurred during installation and clean-up. This prudent approach helps to safeguard against shortages and minimizes project interruptions.

To help simplify these calculations, we offer a grout calculator within our Project Estimator tool. This online tool takes the guesswork out of grout estimation. By entering tile dimensions, grout joint specifications, and project area, the grout calculator generates a precise grout quantity. This empowers you to confidently plan and execute your project while managing resources effectively. 

To get started using the Project Estimator, you’ll need to choose which grout you’ll use. Luckily, we’ve been in the business for over 65 years, so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our grout game! You can select from many options from epoxy to cementitious, including easy to use pre-mixed grouts.

Moreover, with the introduction in February 2023 of the new PERMACOLOR® Select grout formula, the extended shelf life of the grout base to 2 years and color kits to 5 years, reduces concerns with over-ordering. This provides peace of mind, as you have more time to utilize any excess grout, minimizing waste.  

Mastering the art of grout calculation is crucial for a successful tiling project. Remember the key factors: tile size, grout joint dimensions, and project area. Follow the "10% Rule" and harness the grout calculator through our Project Estimator tool for accurate estimations. With this knowledge and tool in hand, you're well-equipped to achieve a stunning tile installation while optimizing your resources. 

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