Choose STRATA_MAT™, an uncoupling membrane designed to minimize the floor height gain from tile installation materials in both residential and commercial applications (including porcelain or large format tiles). This translates into less work by providing instant coverage verification, faster drying of mortar and a shorter time to grout!

STRATA_MAT™ STRATA_MAT is a next generation high performance uncoupling membrane for use under ceramic tile and stone installations, for both residential and commercial applications.
STRATA_MAT™ XT STRATA_MAT™ XT is a next generation high performance uncoupling membrane. At 5/16" (7.9 mm) thick STRATA_MAT XT helps to creates an even transition between typical ¼” to 3/8" (3 to 9 mm) thick tile and 3/4" (19 mm) thick hardwood flooring.
DRYTEK™ Decoupling Mat
DRYTEK® Decoupling Mat DRYTEK Decoupling Mat is mesh reinforcement bonded to a sheet comprised of polymeric fibers.