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Posted 02/24/2016 by HENRY @ LATICRETE

Tile Geeks Mortar Training

Tile Geeks Mortar Training

Tile Geeks Mortar Training

OK, We are doing it !

Many have suggested we do a mud-training event over the last few years. After speaking with the folks at LATICRETE, it is here. The first Tile Geeks mudcourse. If you would like to attend, please find the sign up form at the bottom of this post. This can be emailed to Jeffrey Carder or faxed to 951 277-4975. I will be there along with Shaun Haley doing some hands on instruction. While mud is definitely "old school" in the midst of many new products, it is still a time tested viable method and a great skill to have.Mud combined with new products opens many new options as well. Come join us for a couple days. OK, We are doing it ! The program is underway !

Jack Hamilton